Who wouldn't want their own fantasy world to become to life?
We all daydream in beautiful colors, but for her, she has turned her dream into reality.
Her name is Maria Victoria, but everyone knows her as Vicka. She studied art in Ecuador and Spain thinking of becoming a teacher but life decided otherwise. While finishing her master thesis Vicka found herself scaping into a colorful creative world. A mix of photography and illustration where she could be free. What began as an escape to her day-to-day reality has turned into a full-time and very successful career.
From drawing at home to sharing on her Instagram account, Vicka is the perfect example of how digital platforms and creative content creation can nowadays skyrocket you to success. Deciding to share her creative view of the world online has opened her to almost 27 K followers on Instagram and collaborations with Samsung, Stradivarius, and Nescafe among many others.

Vicka is able to take a photograph and turn it into a fun, original, and rich reality where colors are bright, scenes are fun, and clothes are chicer than ever.
What she says about her art and herself
Hello! I am Vicka and I am an Artist, Illustrator, and Content Creator in networks; I am a creative mind in constant creation and evolution.

I was born in Quito Ecuador and I have always been surrounded by inspiration; Being from a country like Ecuador with so much natural, cultural and folk beauty, it has been impossible for me not to live inspired and creative.
I have a partner in my project who takes the photos, she admits all the same, and I then work on each of them, I let them guide me and then I simply draw and I have fun
I studied Design in Quito and did my Master's Degree in Art and Design Research and my Master's Degree in Creative Illustration in Barcelona.

I did a research project that focused on randomness in Design and the ability to create through the senses, the inspiration of everything that surrounds us and the fact of taking all aspects of life as a way of creating and be creative. This is how my illustration project was born and especially this relationship with drawing.
I am constantly learning and researching, I continue to explore my creative universe and a personal language with the idea of expanding into illustration and art but above all to continue creating.

I spend all my days drawing and thinking what colorful elements to add to the world, now I can't imagine my life without drawing.
Her adventure begun in social media and that is where all of us can still follow her endless vitality and creativity at @soyvicka.

With just an Ipad and a pen, she draws and enhabits her drawn world, where she welcomes all of us as her visitants. Pastel colors are key in her colorful experiences where flowers and enjoyable patterns surround her wherever she goes.
Are you going to miss out on this delightful experience? I hope not. Because this happy, creative, inspirational, and grateful personality is just too fabulous to miss.

In a short interview, she did for the online space "be life" we were able to find out just a little bit more about this creative spirit.
Clothes or flowers?

Favorite part of Spain?


The Mediterranean


It fascinates me. The other day I realized I was wearing pink socks, a pink handbag, and a pink mobile cover. I needed to change my outfit because I didn't realize it at the time.
Favorite color?
What do you find more difficult to illustrate?

Sea or mountains?

Van Gogh or Banksy?

Animals and fruits.

In Ecuador, both. In Spain, the sea.

Van Gogh
In her own words " we can all do it, we are all creatives"

She declares drawing was always a love-hate relationship for her. it was only in Barcelona, as a way to escape the stress of her studies that she begun to draw on a day-to-day basis. In the beginning just on a blank piece of paper, suddenly, she found her way
onto photographs, ending up deep into the illustration world.

She believes in constant learning and developing herself, continually playing and learning about colors and shadows. Her illustration photography is a constant challenge where she blends fantasy and reality.
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